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Air Compressor Uk's Valve Core Retracting Tool (CRT) is designed to reduce inflation / deflation time by allowing the operator to remove the valve core safely during the process. Using the tool eliminates the risk of eye injuries from flying valve cores.

The operation is simple. After removing the valve cap, the CRT is first clipped onto the valve stem. The CRT stem is then pushed in to engage the valve core. By rotating the stem anti-clockwise, the valve core can be removed without the risk of the extracted core escaping. The valve core is extracted into the CRT body allows the operator to view that the valve core is fully retracted.

Upon completion of the inflation / deflation process, the valve core can be refitted into the valve stem by pushing the CRT stem forward and rotating it clockwise.

The CRT is available as a clip-on or lock-on type for the different applications.

The Valve Core Retracting Tool should be used in conjunction with a tyre inflator such as the MK4, ACCURA 1, AirForce II, QUBE or D12.

Features & Benefits

  • Clear body allows operator to see valve core is fully retracted
  • Reduces inflation time when inflating a tyre with the core retracted


Weight (kg)
Air Compressor Uk
Thread Type
Hose Tailpiece
Thread Size
for 6.35 mm (1/4 in) hose
Valve Size
8v1 (standard)
Maximum Supply Pressure
10.3 bar / 150 psi

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